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    Native Wolf Pet Tags was created by Carlos de Oliveria. It was through his love of animals and his artist talents that saw many unique pieces of metal art created to individually identify many pets around the world.

    Carlos has moved onto another stage in his life and in doing so has given me, Liz, the opportunity to take the reins of such a wonderful unique business.

    What led us to Native Wolf Pet Tags was our love for pets and the pet industry. We have always had animals and we wouldn’t be without them. Over the years we have bred Burmese and Tonkinese cats as well as breeding and showing Bullmastiffs.

    We recently moved from Hawkesbury NSW to our farm on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Here we run Angus, Brangus and Speckle Park cattle and are parents to Pebbles and Archie our two cats, plus Scout, Whitney, Oliver, Hazel and Isis, our five dogs. I can’t forget Bart; the goat and his Damara sheep friends Barney and Boo.

    Over the years we have many pets as part of our family and know firsthand just how different and unique their personalities can be. That’s why when the opportunity came up to purchase Native Wolf Pet Tags and be able to hand craft uniquely individual identification tags to match a pet’s personality, it was a no brainer.

    I am a signwriter by trade and as a hobby I love making stained glass window panels and lamps, so to me metal stamping was just an extension of my creative side. The beauty of metal stamping is that each tag is hand made by me, which means no two tags are ever the same.

    Our tags are not generic and they not mass produced by a machine. They are hand stamped and look rustic and unique in appearance yet sporting your pet’s name and phone number in bold and legible font.

    A lot of love and thought goes into every tag I make, with no tag leaving here if I wouldn’t be happy with one of my pets wearing it.

    We care about our planet and want our great-great grandkids to enjoy it as much as we do so we do our little bit for the Earth by making sure that all products we use are ethically sourced and all packaging, including shipping material, is earth friendly and 100% compostable.

    I often try and put a pet to a name when I’m making a tag so for my curiosity, please send me in in photos of your pet wearing it’s new Native Wolf Pet Tag. You can email them to or you can follow us on Instagram @native_wolf_pet_tags or on Facebook at Nativewolfpettags.