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 At Native Wolf Pet Tags we understand how active pets can be and that over time any tag will deteriorate depending on its exposure to water, dirt, and mud.  For longevity of your tag, we use only the finest quality 14-16 gauge metal and stainless steel split rings, making our tags stronger and sturdier than other tag on the market. They will not bend, break, or snap.

As our tags are made from metal they will tarnish over time. This is a natural process and occurs when metal reacts to chemicals in the environment. A tarnished look adds an aged or a rustic element to the tag but can be removed if you prefer your tag gleaming bright. The care pack included with your tag will help restore your tag.

We recommend that you wash and dry your tag after it has been exposed to mud, dirt or wet fur. This will keep it looking in tip top condition.

We are confident in our product and will replace your tag within 5 years if your tag bends or snaps. If you wish to make a replace claim under this policy, please email us at info@nativewolfpettags.com and include photographs.