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At Native Wolf Pet Tags we understand how active pets can be and that over time any tag will deteriorate depending on its exposure to water, dirt, and mud.  For longevity of your tag, we use only the finest quality 14-16 gauge metal and stainless-steel split rings, making our tags stronger and sturdier than other tag on the market. They will not bend, break, or snap.

TARNISH: Your Native Wolf Pet Tag is made out of metal which, when exposed to oxygen and other chemicals in the air and environment, will naturally tarnish over time. Tarnishing gives metal an aged or antique appearance which can add character to your pet's tag. Tarnishing is inevitable however if you prefer the look of untarnished metal there are a few simple steps you can follow to keep your pet's tag looking fresh and new.

WIPE: If your pet's tag becomes dirty use a damp cloth to lightly wipe the surface. If this does not remove the dirt you can buff the tag as outlined in the next step

BUFF: If your pet's tag begins to tarnish and you want to restore it back to its original appearance, use the provided scotch-brite pad and buff the tag in one direction until tarnish is removed. This pad can be re-used many times. Super fine steel wool (0000 grade) can also be used. Buffing can also help get rid of superficial scratches

STORE: If your pet is not wearing his/her tag keep it stored in a pouch or satchel with the provided black anti-tarnish tab

RECOLOUR: Although your pet's tag has been coated with a protective sealer to prevent premature fading of the darkening enamel it is best to remove the tag before your pet goes swimming or has a wash. If the design, letter or number colouring ever does begin to fade you can easily recolour it using a black sharpie permanent marker. Once coloured, use your scotch-brite pad (or super fine steel wool) to buff off any excess from the surface (rubbing in one direction only).

A care pack with a tarnish pad and blue scotch-brite pad is included with your tag.