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    Returns and Replacements

    Please check all details on your order. We will confirm your order along with your details prior to production. If after our confirmation you want to change your mind or realise that you made a mistake, then we can offer you a replacement tag less 30%. Shipping is not discounted.

    If you ordered the wrong size or design then this will be a replacement at your cost less a 30% discount, for that order only. Please double check the tag shape and size which are clearly described on our website.

    When attaching a lead to your pet’s collar please don’t use the split rings attached to your tag as they are not made to have force pulled against them and will likely break with the tag being lost. Attach your lead directly to your pet’s collar.

    If we made a mistake, then we are more than happy to replace your tag including shipping free of charge.

    Please contact us at